How Big is the Porn Industry in Reality

Porn industry has always been a matter of fascination, and these days, it has proven to be a huge topic for debate. Many politicians, thinkers and researches are trying to gauze porn’s impact on teenagers and the society as a whole, and the industry seems like more of a puzzle than ever. Most aspects of porn are exaggerated, and when looked deeply, statistics that seem too impressive at first are actually just hoaxes and nothing else. The problem is, there are no solid reference points which can be used to actually estimate exactly how much porn engulfs the web at the moment.

While a huge number of major debates of recent times revolved around the estimate that about 37% of internet has something to do with porn, actually the firm porno4women that published the figure back in June, 2010, says that the statistics are not up to date and are not vastly reliable. Optenet, however, claimed to take into account almost 4 million different urls while gathering data to come to the conclusion that 37% of internet involves porn. The irony is, the same year another research took place which happened to be the largest research associated with sexuality, and that research concluded that just about 4% of total websites are dedicated to pornographic content.

Manwin, a firm that hosts porn, reports to have around 70 million visitors each day. However, there is a chance that the figure does not reflect real data. Considering that most porn websites are full of pop up ads and affiliated links that often abuse the power of interlinking, not every click or visitor actually counts. The truth is, most clicks can be ignored for being totally irrelevant, so the actual number of daily visitors is likely to be well below the 70 million mark.

One source, Extreme Tech, gave example of a site which neared 100 million visitors on a daily basis, but the same site was reported to have far lesser number of unique visitors by another source. The contrasting data points from different sources are overwhelming. Whatever the actual size of the porn Industry is at the moment, it is important to note that even if we consider the 4% estimate as the correct estimate, yet that is a huge amount of porn since the internet has billions of websites. Also, the claim that nearly 14% of all internet searches are somewhat related to porn is not something to be overlooked either.


(Source: thelamefame)